Mader Dampers manufactures Inlet Vanes designed with or without a center hub. Without a center hub, the design requires the use of two shaft bearings per shaft. This allows all bearings and linkage to be located external of the flow stream. This configuration provides less pressure drop than the center hub design.

Inlet Vane dampers are available in sizes from 8″ diameter to 144″ diameter and can be constructed from any weldable alloy.

The main function of an Inlet Vane damper is to provide modulating control of the air flow into the fan and at the same time provide a “pre-spin” condition of inlet air, which enhances the performance of the fan.

A customer supplied cone spinning can be incorporated into a standard Inlet Vane design to provide a nested Inlet Vane. Nested Inlet Vanes are utilized when a transition is required from existing duct work to the fan inlet.